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Ivan Kraljević - Resume, selected works, clients

- graduates from the Accademy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – dept. Of graphics, class od prof. Miroslav Šutej
- contribute in several solo and judged group exibitons

- works in advertising agency Spotstudio as graphic designer, and in Europapress Holding publishing company as art director of several newspapers and magazines (OK!, Mila, Astro magazin, Auto klub)

- co-founder of Multimedia company Insomnia d.o.o.

- contributes in making of first interactive CD-ROM in Croatia, sa temom vizualizacije arhitekture (investor: ACM)
- 2nd prize on the EXPO 98 Lisabon competition (in cooperation with Fabijanić-Fabijanić-Martinis team)
- Net.hr Top 10 prize;
- BUG Web.hr Top 50 prize;

- co-founder of company Industria.net
- Special prize CARNET for the best Web (www.atlantic.hr);
- Net.hr Top 10 prize;
- BUG Web.hr Top 50 prize;

- graphic design for the Web shops in Croatia - shop.mobile.hr and studentshop.mobile.hr
- Ulead GIF Animation Contest (First prize in category Business animation)
- BUG Web.hr Top 50 prize;
- VIDI Top 99 hr prize,

- Contributes in set design, animated graphics and organisation of the "Gibonni ISDN Millennium concert" – National Theatre Rijeka
- BUG Web.hr Top 50 prize;
- VIDI Top Hr prize

- contributes in making of several web projects for Croatian Government Ministarstva (in cooperation with Perpetuum
Mobile d.o.o. and Microsoft Croatia)
- graphic design for elections campaign HSLS - Varaždinska županija (posters, brochures, Web site)
- beginning of work with Hypo-Alpe-Adria Consultants on architectural visualisation projects
- graphically designs magazine "Odvjetnik" for the Croatian Lawyers' Chamber
- BUG Top 50 prize;

- founder of multimedia company In.Tri d.o.o.
- making of Web project for Dubrovnik Summer Festival - (in cooperation with Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o)
- making of Web project for Croatian Parlament - (in cooperation with Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o)
- making of Web and Intranet project for PBZ - (in cooperation with Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o)
- making of Web site www.durex.com/hr
- making of online and offline interactive pages as part of the project called "The House" for Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb
- contributes in post-production and graphic design in several TV commercials (Investors: Zagrebačka banka, Coca-Cola, Croatian Telecom, VipNet, Gong,..)

2003 – 2010 selected works

- 2006 -2008 head graphic designer for ČIP - Čovjek i prostor, Croatian Architects Association monthly magazine
- visual identity for "Dani hrvatskog performansa" - HDLU Varaždin
- Web project for Croatian Government - cooperation with Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o.
- making of urbanistic 3D simulation for the location “Heinzelova” - Hypo Alpe Adria Consultants
- web site “Hypo Alpe-Adria-Consultants”
- web site “Societe Generale Insurance Co.”
- Web site “Span d.o.o.”
- several book designs on eminent croatian sculptors and artists, in cooperation with prof. Marina Baričević and ULUPUH – Croatian Association od Applied Arts
- designing assorted graphic materials for Museum of City of Zagreb exibition "Project Zagreb" - cooperation with prof. Ivan Rupnik, Harvard University
- posters and diferent materials for Radar festival - including posters for Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, The Animals...
- book design and illustration for several books on dentistry
- visual identity for HSLS - Croatian Social-Liberal Party
- visual identity for Croatian Blues forces and 1st Zagreb International Blues festival
- set design for Croatian Television popular TV show “Globalno sijelo”
- visual identity for Porin 2009 – Croatian Music Award
- visual identity for Varaždin Days of Performance and Contemporary Dance
- a few dozen CD cover and poster designs for popular Croatian rock, pop, blues and jazz artists for Dallas records, Aquarius Records, Spona…


Aplauz d.o.o.
Atlantic Trade
Aquarius Records
Bob Dylan
Croatian Government - www.vlada.hr
Croatian Parliament - Sabor - www.sabor.hr
Croatian architects association
Croatian Television
Croatian Lawyers' Chamber
Croatian Waters
Croatian Parliament
Croatian Telecom
Croatian Visual Artists association
Croatian Blues Forces
Dallas Records
Državni inspektorat RH
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Durex PLC London
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - University of Zagreb
Faculty of Dentistry – University of Zagreb
Gliptoteka HAZU
HAZU – Croatian Arts and Sciences Academy
HSLS – Croatian Social-Liberal Party
Hypo-Alpe-Adria Consultants
Ministry of European Integrations of the Republic of Croatia
Miroslav Kraljević gallery
Museum of the City of Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art – Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art - Rijeka
Perpetuum Mobile
PolyBros. Film
Porin – Croatian Music Award
Orlando film
Societe Generale Insurance Co.
Siemens Croatia
Splitska banka
ULUPUH – Croatian Association od Applied Arts
Varaždin Art Gallery Center
Zagrebačka banka d.d.