About Us

In.Tri is a young publishing house from Zagreb, Croatia, founded in 2016, which publishes books in the fields of popular science, art, philosophy, journalism and fiction by authors such as Eula Biss, Jerry A. Coyne, Daniel C. Dennett, Yves Gingras, Johathan Haidt, Wolfgang Herrndorf, Robert Kirk, Leonard Mlodinow Paolo Rossi i dr., and prominent Croatian authors such as Marina Baričević, Saša Ceci, Pavel Gregorić, Dario Hrupec, Vitold Košir, Pero Kvesić, Željko Porobija, Nenad Raos, Tanja Rudež, Vanja Spirin and others.

For the translation of the novel “Tschick” by German author Wolfgang Herrndorf, translator Anda Bukvić was awarded the annual “Josip Tabak” award of the Society of Croatian Literary Translators for year 2023.